"A well trained dog is not only a joy to own,

but a proud representative of its breed."

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Classes are held at the AHPDTC Clubhouse, Kiwassa Road, Saranac Lake.
All Classes are $90 for 8 or 9 Weeks
& $40 for Active Club Members; Modules $20 members & $45 non-members

Both purebred and mixed breeds are welcome in class. Positive training is stressed in all training classes.

Classes for Puppies, Companion Dog 1 & 2 levels, Agility, Marker Class. Click the Updated Schedule below.

SUMMER 2019 CLASSES to start the week of JUNE 24, 2019 - Click for Updated Schedule & Click for Registration Form

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (see schedule for upcoming session for what is currently offered)       

S.T.A.R. Puppy:
This is an 8 week course incorporating the AKC's S.T.A.R. Puppy program (certification degree from the AKC). S is for Socialization, T is for Training, A is for Activity, and R is for Responsibility.
Open to puppies who have had their first set of shots and are less than 6 months of age. During the 9 weeks of class they are socialized with other dogs and people as well as introduced to all the basic obedience commands. Owner education and building a relationship is stressed. The goal of the class is to form a solid foundation of responsible owners training responsible companions. Puppies DO come to the 1st week of class.

Basic Puppy:
When the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is not offered, this Puppy Class will be held based on the outline of the AKC S.T.A.R program. Two age groups will be offered. The classes are designed for puppy owners who want to teach their puppy good manners and learn more about canine behavior. Skills taught: loose lead wlking, come when called, sit/down stays and much more. Open to puppies 8 weeks through 4 months of age (at the start of classes). Puppies DO come to the first week of class.

Older Puppy/Adolescent Dog: This is an eight week class designed for puppy owners who want to teach their older puppy good manners and learn more about canine behavior. Open to puppies 5 months through 10 months of age (at the start of classes). This is also the next step for owners and pups who have graduated from Basic Puppy and want to reinforce the skills they learned. Skills taught: loose lead walking, come when called, sit/down stays, wait at the door, and much more. Some of the elements of the AKC Canine Good Citizen program will be incorporated. Older Puppies/Adolescents DO come to the first week of class.

Companion Dog 1:
A nine week class open to all dogs 11 months and older. The class offers basic obedience skills, house manners and learn more about canine behavior. Skills taught: Walk on loose lead, come when called, sit/stay, down/stay, stand, attention, as well as basic dog and people interaction. Positive training is geared to teaching the owner to teach his/her dog in a rewarding, positive, fun manner. No dog is too old for this class. Dogs DO NOT come to the first week of class.

Companion Dog 2:
A nine week course open to dogs who have completed Companion Dog 1 or a beginner class. Dogs will learn to respond to signals at a distance and during increasing distractions. Control exercises, loose lead walking and recalls will be further advanced thru games and tricks. Dogs Do come to the first week of class.

Canine Good Citizen Class:
This nine week class picks up training where the Companion Dog class leaves off. Training strengthens the reliability and steadiness of the dogs and handlers. Continued emphasis is placed on training for a home companion. The class benefits anyone just wanting to advance the obedience of their pet. This class is also preparation for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and is sometimes held in conjunction with Companion Dog 2.

Training with a Marker Signal:
Learn the power of training with a unique "good Job" signal and see the results. This approach to training helps your dog learn new behaviors in a clear, precise and all-positive way (we use rewards only in this class). You'll understand the method many master trainers use when teaching their dogs freestyle, agility, search and rescue, service work, and other advanced concepts and skills. We will start at the beginning with the basic mechanics of using a "good job" signal such as a clicker - or for deaf dogs, a tactile or visual alternative. Your dog will learn 10 foundation behaviors to enhance manners, impulse control, and provide enrichment in the meantime. First class is humans only. This class uses 100% positive methods and is open to all ages. Only flat webbed collars and/or harnesses are permitted in the classroom.

Novice A or B:
A nine week class geared toward laying the foundation for participation in obedience trials. Fine tuning of all the Novice exercises as well as introduction to the AKC rules for Novice competition occurs in this class. Reliability, steadiness, incorporating distractions, and off-lead work is commenced. A must for those interested in obedience competition. Also an excellent follow up for Advanced Beginners.

We now offer different levels of Agility from Introduction to Advanced. These are fun, active classes which teach your dog to maneuver a measured course consisting of a number of obstacles, i.e., jumps, tunnels, see-saw, dog walk, A-frame, and weave poles. Dogs need to be in shape, in control, able to work off lead, get along with other dogs and have completed prior Level 1 - Beginners..

Intermediate Agility:
This stage of agility class will teach skills to help you become a better trainer/hander. You will learn how to break down sequences in order to develop better performance in the agility ring. You and your dog will become a better, stronger team that understands what the job is and how to do it efficiently, while having fun. Must have completed Intro to Agility.

Handling Class:
The Breed Handling Class helps prepare dog and handler for competition in the conformation ring. Correct ring procedure and judging rules are emphasized, as well as how to help your dog look its best for its breed.

Rally Obedience:
Novice & Advanced Levels. Rally is for fun or competition in which you take your dog through a course of instructional signs. Dogs must have prior completion of a Beginners classes.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes:
As the schedule permits, the club may offer other classes that focus on jumping, retrieving, click & treat training, reliable recalls, and fun & games. Some of these classes help lay the ground work for the advanced Open & Utility titles; some are just fun and instructive.

AKC Scent Class:
This 8 week class will focus on the AKC scent work program. ( http://images.akc.org/pdf/events/Scent_Work_Regulations.pdf ) Shaping and back-chaining are used; that is the dogs are first taught to indicate and stay on odor before doing any searching. Dogs will not be searching for food in boxes. This class is open to dogs of any age. Dogs do come to the first week of class. Any questions about the class contact Deb at debpica@verizon.net.

Skills Class for Hiking with Your Dog:
This class will focus on skills for hiking with your dog. Leash walking skills are covered but the focus of the class is on off-lead control. Off-lead control includes topics such as teaching a stop, teaching a range distance, recalls, etc. One class will be on canine first aid. The first class is without dogs followed by 8 weeks of class. Instructor approval is required to take the class. No fearful or reactive dogs. All dogs will be on a flat buckle collar or martingale collar. A 6ft and a 25-30ft long line is required. Any questions about the class contact Deb at debpica@verizon.net

Trick Class:
This is an exciting 8 week class. Join us for Tricks Class and you can look forward to strengthening your relationship with your dog, learning to communicate more clearly and have fun doing the training! Once you understand how to train tricks, the possibilities are endless as to what you can teach your dog. Tricks are great for boosting a dog's confidence and provides excellent exercise. You can also earn AKC Trick Titles by completing a certain number of tricks from a list of a hundred tricks!! This class will be appropriate for dogs who have completed a Companion Dog 1 class or a Clicker Class. Some experience with clickers is helpful, but not necessary. For more information check out the AKC website at www.akc.org/trick-dog

Canine Life and Social Skills Advance Exercises :
This class focuses on the advance exercises from the APDT curriculum, Canine Life and Social Skills - C.L.A.S.S. This class is open to members only. For more information on these exercises, go to www.apdt.com and click on the C.L.A.S.S. tab or contact the instructor. Dogs Do come to the 1st week of class.

Advanced Modules (4 Weeks): Take your training skills to the next level. Students should have previous training skills.  Students should be familiar with clicker training, but do not need extensive clicker training skills.   Depending on the Modules offered during the session of classes, Skills taught will include Using and Losing Food, Gaining Off Lead Reliability, Come When Called, Sit and Down and Stays, "Leave It".  Dogs DO come to first week of class.

Moving to Music Module (4 Weeks):  Attention to Heeling Skills, sits, downs, stays and walking/marching in close proximity to other dogs.  Class will incorporate these moves into a marching/drill team routine.  Also will introduce some trick training. MUST HAVE completed a Beginner Class and dogs should be comfortable working close to other dogs.  Dogs DO come to first week of class. 

SCHEDULE OF SUMMER 2019 CLASSES STARTING JUNE 24, 2019 - Click for Class Schedule & Click for Registration Form

Contact Harry and Christa Gordon (Training Chairs) for information on classes.

Dogs entering any class must have proof of up-to-date vaccinations.
Advance registration for classes is
required. The classes are filled on a first come basis.


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